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Project Planning Package

Module 1: Introduction to Project Design Engineering
  • Overview of Project Design in Engineering
  • Role of a Project Design Engineer
  • Importance of Effective Design in Project Success
Module 2: Project Initiation and Planning
  • Defining Project Scope and Objectives
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • Establishing Design Criteria and Constraints
Module 3: Design Thinking and Innovation
  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Fostering Creativity in Engineering Design
  • Incorporating Innovation in Project Design
Module 4: Risk Management in Project Design
  • Identifying Potential Risks in Design
  • Analyzing and Prioritizing Design Risks
  • Developing Mitigation Strategies
Module 5: Design Documentation and Standards
  • Creating Comprehensive Design Documentation
  • Adhering to Industry Standards and Regulations
  • Document Control and Version Management
Module 6: Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Utilizing CAD Software for Engineering Design
  • 2D and 3D Modeling Techniques
  • Hands-On CAD Exercises for Various Engineering Disciplines
Module 7: Materials Selection and Procurement
  • Selecting Appropriate Materials for Design
  • Evaluating Material Properties and Performance
  • Procurement Strategies and Vendor Management
Module 8: Structural and Mechanical Design
  • Principles of Structural Engineering in Project Design
  • Mechanical Components Design and Analysis
  • Integration of Structural and Mechanical Elements
Module 9: Electrical and Electronic Systems Design
  • Electrical System Design Considerations
  • Electronic Components Integration
  • Ensuring Safety and Compliance
Module 10: Sustainable Design Practices
  • Incorporating Sustainable and Green Design Concepts
  • Environmental Impact Assessment in Project Design
  • Life Cycle Analysis for Sustainable Engineering
Module 11: Project Design Review and Optimization
  • Conducting Design Reviews and Iterations
  • Optimization Techniques for Performance and Cost
  • Balancing Design Trade-offs
Module 12: Project Management for Design Engineers
  • Introduction to Project Management Principles
  • Design Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Collaboration and Communication within Design Teams
Benefits of the Course:
  • In-Depth Understanding of Project Design Processes
  • Practical Application of CAD Software and Design Tools
  • Integration of Sustainability in Engineering Design
  • Enhanced Risk Management Skills
Who Can Benefit: – Design Engineers – Project Managers – Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineers – Engineering Students and Graduates This course provides a holistic view of project design engineering, covering key aspects from conceptualization to execution. It incorporates hands-on exercises, practical applications, and relevant case studies to ensure participants are well-prepared for the challenges in the field of project design engineering.


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