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Angular JS Training

Module 1: Introduction to AngularJS
  • Overview of AngularJS and its Evolution
  • Key Features and Advantages of AngularJS
  • Single Page Applications (SPAs) and their Benefits
Module 2: Setting Up the Angular Development Environment
  • Installing Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager)
  • Setting Up Angular CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Creating a Simple Angular Project
Module 3: Angular Basics – Components and Modules
  • Introduction to Angular Components
  • Creating and Using Components
  • Overview of Angular Modules
Module 4: Data Binding and Expressions
  • Understanding Two-Way Data Binding
  • Interpolation and Property Binding
  • Event Binding and Two-Way Binding
Module 5: Directives in Angular
  • Overview of Angular Directives
  • Structural and Attribute Directives
  • Custom Directives and their Usage
Module 6: Services and Dependency Injection
  • Creating and Using Angular Services
  • Dependency Injection in Angular
  • Built-in Services (HTTP, Router)
Module 7: Forms and Validation in Angular
  • Template-Driven Forms vs. Reactive Forms
  • Form Controls and Validation
  • Handling Form Submissions
Module 8: Routing and Navigation
  • Introduction to Angular Router
  • Configuring Routes and Route Parameters
  • Navigating between Components
Module 9: HTTP Client and API Integration
  • Making HTTP Requests in Angular
  • Consuming RESTful APIs
  • Error Handling and Observables
Module 10: Angular Pipes and Filters
  • Overview of Angular Pipes
  • Built-in Pipes (Date, Currency, etc.)
  • Creating Custom Pipes
Module 11: Angular Modules and Lazy Loading
  • Organizing Code with Angular Modules
  • Lazy Loading Modules for Improved Performance
  • Module Best Practices
Module 12: Testing Angular Applications
  • Unit Testing with Jasmine and Karma
  • End-to-End Testing with Protractor
  • Writing and Running Tests
Module 13: Authentication and Authorization
  • User Authentication in Angular Applications
  • Securing Routes and Resources
  • Token-Based Authentication
Module 14: Angular Best Practices and Performance Optimization
  • Best Practices for Angular Development
  • Optimizing Performance with Lazy Loading and Ahead-of-Time (AOT) Compilation
  • Angular CLI for Productive Development
Module 15: Capstone Angular Project and Certification
  • Participants work on a comprehensive Angular project
  • Project Presentation and Evaluation
  • Certificate Distribution
Course Benefits: – Strong Foundation in AngularJS Development – Practical Skills in Building Single Page Applications – Familiarity with Angular Services, Routing, and Forms – Capstone Project for Real-World Application.
Target Audience: – Front-End Developers – Web Developers interested in Angular – JavaScript Developers – Anyone looking to build dynamic web applications.
This AngularJS Training course is structured to provide participants with a solid understanding of AngularJS principles and hands-on experience with building modern web applications using AngularJS.


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