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ERP SAP QM Training

Module 1: Introduction to SAP QM
  • Overview of SAP QM Module
  • Evolution and Importance of SAP QM
  • Role of SAP QM in Quality Management
Module 2: Quality Planning and Inspection
  • Quality Planning
  • Inspection Lot Creation
  • Inspection Methods and Catalogs
Module 3: Quality Notifications and Quality Certificates
  • Creating Quality Notifications
  • Handling Quality Certificates
  • Recording Non-Conformances
Module 4: Inspection Processing
  • In-Process Inspection
  • Goods Receipt Inspection
  • Goods Issue Inspection
Module 5: Quality Control and Sampling
  • Sampling Procedures
  • Dynamic Modification Rules
  • Quality Control and Sampling Strategies
Module 6: Batch Management
  • Batch Determination
  • Batch Status Management
  • Shelf Life and Expiry Date Management
Module 7: Inspection Results and Certificates
  • Recording Inspection Results
  • Certificate Creation and Management
  • Usage Decision
Module 8: Integration with Other SAP Modules
  • Integration with SAP MM and PP
  • Data Flow between Modules
  • Ensuring Smooth Business Processes
Module 9: Reporting and Analytics in SAP QM
  • Standard Reports in SAP QM
  • Custom Report Generation
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
Module 10: Case Studies and Practical Scenarios
  • Analyzing Real-World SAP QM Cases
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Best Practices in SAP QM Implementation
Module 11: Capstone SAP QM Project and Certification
  • Participants work on a comprehensive SAP QM project
  • Project Presentation and Evaluation
  • Certification Distribution


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